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Senin, 06 Oktober 2008

Sally's Birthday Surprise  

It was late Winter. Amy was back in school, the 10th grade. Miss Edwards was again teaching 9th grade Math. Sally's 24th birthday was fast approaching and Judy was soliciting suggestions from Miss Edwards and Amy as to what gift or gifts to get Sally. After the usual suggestions, clothes, shoes, etc., Amy described the perfect gift. Judy's face lit up with excitement and Miss Edwards complemented Amy on the novel idea. It took a lot of logistical work to get the gift assembled, without Sally finding out.

It was the evening of Sally's birthday. They had enjoyed an intimate home cooked meal. It was now time to blow out the candles, all 24 of them, on the birthday cake and open the presents. Sally closed her eyes and made a wish, verbally so that the other three girls could hear, "I wish that we will always be together as a family." She then blew out the candles, with one breath. The girls all applauded. Then Sally opened her presents. She got the usually things, a beautiful new expensive dress from Sally. Amy provided the equally expensive matching shoes. Miss Edwards gift was perfume; she had a limited budget. They saved the best for last.

Judy handed Sally the gift wrapped present. The three girls eagerly watched Sally as she removed the paper and opened the box. At first Sally was puzzled by what was in the box. Then, she realized what it was and her eyes grew large as she stared at the contents. Sally said "WOW! Look at that!" Judy said "Go put it on, I'm dying to see how it looks." Miss Edwards said to Amy "Put your's on too."

The two girls ran upstairs to the master bedroom, Sally carrying the gift box. They both undressed completely. Sally removed the main item from the box and held it up to examine it. It was a chain skirt, a custom made slave girl costume, similar in design to Amy's, made just for Sally.

Amy helped Sally hook the long chain around Sally's hips and adjusted the height so that it just covered her pubis and bottom of her buttocks. The chain belt was midway between her navel and her pubis. Sally removed the gold arm bracelets from the box and pulled them up over her elbows so they rested snugly around middle of her upper arm. Amy removed the gold plated handcuffs from the box. Sally held out her hands while Amy clasped the cuffs loosely on Sally's wrists. They were just tight enough so that they could not be slipped off of her hands. Sally asked "Where's the key?" Amy smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said "Ask your mistress." The final item in the box was a black leather multi-thong whip. The weapon was light and could be used with considerable force without causing Sally any real pain, just the way Sally liked to be whipped. Amy hooked the whip on the gold spring loaded hook on the belt at Sally's left hip. Amy adjusted Sally's hair so that part of it hung down either side of her face and covered her small breasts. The remainder hung down her back. Her hair was so long that it nearly touched her chain skirt.

Sally admired herself in the mirror. The parallel chain U-shaped curtain covered her pubic mound and her hair hid her breasts. She turned around and looked at her back. The U-shaped curtain of chains in back modestly hid the crack of her buttocks. She then said to Amy "Put your's on. Let's see how they look together." Amy quickly retrieved her costume from her dresser and got dressed. She fastened her wrists restraints and locked her wrists together with the brass padlock. Amy hooked Miss Edwards "flogger" onto her belt. Amy enjoyed being whipped with the flogger, as long as Miss Edwards did not whip her breasts!

She stood next to Sally and the two girls admired and compared the two costumes. It was immediately obvious that Sally was wearing something special. Amy's crude homemade costume had been made from inexpensive costume jewelry chains. Her arm bands were made of brass. Amy's "handcuffs" were made from cheap leather belts. Sally's professionally made costume was made from real gold chains. Her arm bands were solid gold. The gold belt of her skirt was adorned with multi-colored jewels. The gold arm bands sparkled with diamonds. Sally's real handcuffs were gold plated. Compared to Sally, Amy looked dowdy.

Amy said "Oh, you're beautiful!" It was an obvious statement. Sally could see for herself that she was beautiful. She felt beautiful. Sally turned and looked at herself at every angle. She could feel the moisture building in her vagina. She had never felt so sexy in her life. Amy looked at the open door to ensure that she could not be heard and said softly "Judy really loves you. Your's is made of solid gold; mine is made from cheap stuff. Those are real emeralds and sapphires on your belt and real diamonds on your arm bands." Sally looked at Amy with an expression of amazement and said "Really?!" Amy again looked at the open door to ensure that she would not be overheard and said "Yes, I shouldn't tell you but you're wearing more than thirty thousand dollars worth of jewelry!" Sally's eyes bulged out and she said "You're kidding!?!?" Amy said "No, for real. You should have seen the look on the jeweler's face when we told him what we wanted. We did some fast talking about it being used for a movie. I'm not sure he believed us, especially after we asked him to gold plate the handcuffs. But he didn't care, I'm sure that it was one of the biggest sales he ever made." Sally was trying to comprehend the fact that the single most expensive item that she now owned could only be worn in private, for her "mistress." She didn't care, she loved her costume and she loved Judy.

Amy said "Let's go show it to Judy and Miss Edwards." The two "slaves" returned to the living room where Judy and Miss Edwards were anxiously waiting. The two slaves stood at attention in front of their respective mistresses, their hands behind their heads and their feet spread apart, heads up, eyes down. Judy and Miss Edwards examined both slaves. The two slaves made a striking pair. Amy's light Nordic features contrasted beautifully with Sally's dark Asian features. Amy's hair, all over, was blond; Sally's hair was jet black. Amy's eyes were deep blue; Sally's eyes were dark brown, almost black.

Sally and Miss Edwards examined the two slaves carefully. Miss Edwards admired Sally's sparkling costume. Sally was beautiful! Miss Edwards felt a sense of inadequacy because of Amy's "cheap" looking costume. She wished she could afford more for her slave.

Judy stared at her "slave," running her eyes up and down Sally's gorgeous body. She finally breathlessly said "God, your beautiful!" Sally looked at Judy, smiled and said "Oh Judy, this is the most beautiful gift I ever got." Sally held out her handcuffed wrists and asked "Where's the key?" Judy reached inside of her blouse and removed the gold plated key which was hanging on the gold chain. Sally said "Oh, how can I ever thank you?" Judy knew the answer. She and Sally had watched Amy and Miss Edwards play their slave girl and mistress naughty game many times before. Judy got up and stood in front of Sally. She said in a strict voice "Did the slave have permission to speak or move?" Sally felt the surge of energy in her vagina. Judy was going to play the slave girl and mistress naughty game with her! She was horny and ready! Sally came back to attention, lookeddown and pleaded "No, I'm sorry mistress. Please discipline me."

Miss Edwards quietly called to Amy and made her kneel on the floor in front of her chair to the right of her feet, facing Sally. They would be spectators to the unfolding naughty game. As they watched the show, Miss Edwards gently stroked Amy's head with her right hand as one would pet the family dog. Amy laid her head on Miss Edwards' lap.

Judy removed the light whip from Sally's belt. Judy could feel the wetness in her panties. She had never imagined that playing a naughty game like this would make her so horny. She was enjoying herself with her new slave. Judy pointed to the floor and said "Kneel down." Sally knew the position having watched Amy and Miss Edwards many times. She knelt down, swung her head to the side and brushed her hair forward with her hand cuffed hands. She leaned forward and put her forehead on the floor leaving her entire back exposed, ready for Judy's whip. Sally said "Please whip me mistress!"

Judy struck Sally's back lightly with the whip. Sally wiggled slightly. Judy struck again, harder. The whip was light and left light red marks on Sally's back. Judy was now getting into it. She whipped Sally's back with hard strokes. The whip made a nice whistling sound as it struck. But because it was light, it left no welts, just nice red marks. It was just the way Sally liked to be whipped. Judy slowly walked around her kneeling slave as she whipped her back in all directions. Both Judy's and Sally's breathing was laboring. Judy kept whipping, building to a crescendo. Finally, Sally groaned as her orgasm erupted and rolled over onto her side, her body jerked in spasms. Judy's orgasm exploded and she dropped to her knees next to Sally. This was the first time that Sally experienced an orgasm while being whipped. This was also the first time that Judy had an orgasm while whipping Sally. They had consummated their love.

The four girls went to Amy's bed and enjoyed themselves. Amy removed her costume and Miss Edwards unlocked her wrist restraints. Sally removed her precious "skirt" but left her arm bands in place. Judy undressed leaving the golden key on the necklace around her neck. She offered to remove Sally's golden handcuffs but Sally would not let her. Sally wore them during their love making. She wore them all night and all the next day. They gave her a feeling of belonging to the person she loved.

It appeared that the birthday whipping had become a tradition for the slaves in their "family.

What next?

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